Land Management with Josh Webb and Toler Robinson

Hey everyone, its Josh Webb here with 4 Corner Properties. Today I am joined by one of our new agents, Toler Robinson. We’re here on a beautiful tract of land where he actually grew up and managed most of his life.

Toler: We have been here for probably, I think this is our 8th year here. It’s 239 acres, 10 food plots, 5 or 6 cutovers that we have implemented in the last 10 to 15 years.

Josh: And y’all have seen a major increase in the way the turkey and deer use the property?

Toler: Absolutely, when we bought this place, it was nothing but a thicket. So, we have seen a lot of change through the years.

Josh: Habitat improvement, it makes a big difference. That’s a lot of the fun in owning a piece of property, you get to look at every year, especially this time of the year. When the season is over with, you get to come in here and kinda “make a plan” for the year. See what you could do and do different stuff to help the animals and help the habitat.

Toler: Yes, Absolutely! Especially at the end of the year like this, you see where the deer have been and where the wildlife have been and that’s when you go in and make the changes, fresh out of deer season.

Josh: Absolutely! This directly behind us, off the end of this hardwood ridge is a great example of what a cutover can do for your property. This one cutover behind us is between 10-15 years old and there’s another one directly behind it, that’s only 3 years old.

Toler: We cut the timber over a decade ago, right here behind us which only creates more habitat to hold deer, to hold wildlife. Then we came back in a couple of years ago and actually cut another ridge that butts up to our property line. That way we could ensure the habitat stayed in here and the wildlife stayed by creating a better, thicker area. Here at 4 Corner Properties, we can also help you access your timber need, the value of timber on a piece of property you’re buying or even on a piece of your own property.

Josh: That’s right! That’s something 4 Corner Properties does and something else we pride ourselves in: helping you learn the value of timber on your property or a piece of property you are thinking about purchasing. If you would like to contact any of our agents or view any of our listings, you can do so at You can also keep up with everything we are doing on social media on the 4 Corner Properties Facebook Page. Hope you have a great week, God Bless!


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